Saving Even More Mothers and Babies in Laos

The Momentum is Growing

For 4 years, has worked to prevent the needless deaths of moms and babies in Salavan Province, Laos where too many moms and babies die every year.   

On a small budget with no-US paid staff, we have grown from serving 4 clinics in 2012 to 43 clinics and one hospital in 2016.   Help us keep the momentum growing!

Your donation enables us to provide $5 Clean Birth Kits -- sterile supplies proven to prevent deadly infections --to every pregnant mother in the hundreds of villages our clinics serve.

You also support training for local nurses who venture deep into jungle villages to provide care, including Clean Birth Kits.

Just $20 per month trains these young men and women and provides them with a monthly stipend for their work.

Our local Lao partner organization, which skillfully administers the program on the ground, trains nurses twice annually. They learn to counsel families on safe birth and provide Clean Birth Kits, as well as the WHO's Essentials of Newborn Care.

Since 2012, we have funded 5,000 Clean Birth Kits and training for hundreds of nurses and staff.  We have seen *zero* maternal and infant deaths from infections.  Change -- due to the efforts of our nurses -- is taking hold.

Our $20,000 goal for this campaign will enable us to provide full training for 80 nurses this March and September.  Every $5 you donate is enough to make one birth safe.  No amount is too small.

Thank you for joining our mission to make birth safe for moms and babies in Laos.  

*No US-staff are paid. is a registered US 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible.*


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